Saturday, December 13, 2014

Tyler Mook arrested for attempted murder of girlfriend Robin Donech in Martin County

The ex-husband of a high profile missing woman in Tennessee has been arrested in Martin County for trying to kill his new girlfriend.
Martin County Sheriff's Office Detectives have arrested Tyler Mook.
Investigators say that on October 4, 2014, Mook tried to kill his girlfriend at the time by pushing her off of a boat and holding her underwater in an attempt to drown her.
Mook was originally arrested on domestic battery charges, but those charges are now upgraded to attempted first degree murder.
Mook's ex-girlfriend, Robin Donech, flagged down a police officer at Sandsprit Park on October 4 and stated her boyfriend tried to kill her.  Donech claims that she and Tyler Mook, along with his brother Andrew Mook and his girlfriend had left a boat dock on a boat headed to "the sand bar."
At one point when the boat was driving fast through a "no wake zone", Donech told Tyler to slow down.
She says an argument ensued where Tyler Mook attempted to rip off her bathing suit top and then threw her in the water. Donech says Tyler immediately followed her into the water and attempted to hold her under the surface of the water. She says she was able to fight her way back to the surface and Tyler immediately pushed her under again.
Donech says Tyler's brother Andrew Mook jumped into the water and was able to get her free from Tyler and after that, Tyler swam back to the boat.  Donech says she and Andrew Mook flagged down a passing boat which took her back to the boat ramp.
Donech claims that she believes Tyler was trying to drown her and is certain that she would have drowned if Andrew Mook had not helped her.
Andrew Mook's girlfriend, Nicole Gvajardo, told investigators that when Tyler swam back to the boat, he stated, "No one disrespects me in front of my family. I will kill her."
Andrew Mook told investigators that once he observed Tyler attempt to hold Donech underwater two or three times, he grabbed a water "noodle" and jumped in after her.  Andrew said he had to place his brother Tyler in a "choke hold" to get him to release Donech.
Once Donech was picked up by a passing boat, Andrew Mook says he, his girlfriend and his brother Tyler returned to Sandsprit Park where Tyler loaded the boat onto the trailer and left.
Andrew and his girlfriend waited at the park for Donech to return to the boat dock.
According to an affidavit, Robin Donech and Tyler Mook were involved in a romantic relationship since March 2012.
Mook is being held on $100,000 bond for the attempted murder case in Martin County.
He has also been the main person of interest in the 2011 disappearance of his ex-wife Shelley Mook in Tennessee.
According to published reports, Tennessee authorities found her charred vehicle shortly after her disappearance, but her body has never been found. No arrests have been made in that case.

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