Monday, December 15, 2014

Missing teacher's ex-husband now facing attempted murder charges for trying to drown his new girlfriend on boating trip after she asked him to slow down

  • Tyler Mook, 34, is accused of attempted murder after allegedly attacking and trying to drown his girlfriend Robin Donech
  • His ex-wife, Shelley Mook, disappeared in February 2011 
  • Last seen at Tyler Mook's home where she had taken their daughter, 6 

  • The ex-husband of a missing Tennessee teacher is now facing an attempted murder charge involving his new girlfriend.
    Tyler Mook, 34, is accused of trying to kill Robin Donech in October by pushing her off a boat in Florida and trying to drown her.
    His ex-wife, Shelley Mook, disappeared in February 2011 - her burnt out car was found the day she went missing near Murfreesboro, reports The Tennessean.

    She was last at Tyler Mook's home where she had taken their six-year-old daughter.  
    Tyler Mook now lives in Palm City, Florida, and had been dating Robin Donech for two years when he attacked her, according to witnesses in a police report.
    Mook and Donech were on a boat with his brother, Andrew Mook, and his brother's girlfriend, Nicole Gvajardo, when the incident occurred.

    Donech had asked him to slow down in a manatee zone, which saw him fly into a rage, and triggered the attack, according to the report. 
    Tyler Mook tried to rip off the top of Donech's bathing suit and then threw her into the water where he tried to keep her submerged, according to the report. 
    She managed to get free, but he immediately pushed her under again.
    Andrew Mook told investigators that when he saw Tyler attempt to hold Donech underwater, that he grabbed a water 'noodle' and jumped in after her.

    He placed his brother in a choke hold, forcing him to release Donech.
    Tyler Mook then swam back to the boat, where Gvajardo reported he told her: 'No one disrespects me in front of my family. I will kill her.'
    Andrew Mook stayed in the water with Donech until others in a passing boat picked her up and took her to safety. 
    Donech, flagged down a police officer at Sandsprit Park on October 4 and stated her boyfriend tried to kill her.
    Donech told police she believed he was trying to drown her and would have succeeded if his brother had not intervened.
    Mook was originally arrested on domestic battery charges, but those charges are now upgraded to attempted first degree murder.
    The Mooks' daughter is in the custody of Shelley Mooks' mother, Debra Sikora. 
    Sikora told a judge in a visitation hearing that Tyler Mook used the little girl to threaten her, reports WSMV.
    In regards to Tyler Mook's attempted first-degree murder charge, Sikora released this statement:
    'I want the hurt to stop for those that have and are still affected by the acts of one person. Strength be to those who will stand and have their voices heard. It is by those voices that justice will come. 
    'By those voices, healing can begin, closure can be sought and faith in others can be restored.'
    Tyler Mook is now in the Martin County jail on a $100,000 bond.


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