Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bill To Crack Down On Domestic Abuse Advances


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- A measure to crack down on domestic violence is headed for a vote on the Senate floor.
The proposal, which is part of Gov. Bill Haslam's package, was unanimously approved 11-0 on Tuesday. The companion bill is awaiting a vote on the House floor.
The legislation carried by Republican Sen. Doug Overbey of Maryville adds fines and jail time for second and subsequent convictions of domestic assault.
It originally would have cost local jails about $8 million, but Overbey amended the proposal by decreasing jail time, and the cost is now roughly $4 million.
Haslam has appropriated close to $600,000 in his budget for the legislation.

Skull found in river


Skull found in river

Tuesday, April 17, 2012
By DAVID MELSON ~ dmelson@t-g.com
A human skull was discovered west of Shelbyville in the Duck River late Monday night, and investigators had no idea who it may be as of mid-morning.
"A fisherman found it back behind Wolf Meadows last night," Sheriff Randall Boyce said this morning. "It was on a gravel bar."

The skull is larger than a child's but smaller than a full-grown person, Boyce said.

The sheriff said the age of the skull is uncertain. "It could go back to the Civil War," Boyce said.

No other items

Deputies searching the surrounding area had found no other objects appearing to be related to the skull by mid-morning, Boyce said.

Wolf Meadows is an area at the end of Stewart Road, a one-lane gravel road off Warners Bridge Road approximately two miles west of Shelbyville.

Investigators would not speculate on any possible identity of the skull today.

Boyce emphasized that the Tennessee Bureau of Identification and local investigators are studying the skull in hopes of determining an identity.