Friday, December 19, 2014

Private investigator shares theory in Shelley Mook case

A private investigator has a new theory in the case of a missing school teacher who vanished three years ago.
After years of searching, investigators with the TBI presume Shelley Mook was murdered.
The Bedford County teacher disappeared on Feb. 28, 2011. Investigators found her burnt-out car a few days later in Rutherford County, but they never found Mook.
Kevin Keele, an investigator with a private law firm, said whoever is responsible did not act alone.
"There absolutely would have had to have been help in disposing of her vehicle," Keele said.
Keele said whoever disposed of Mook's car would have had to have a separate ride back.
"That would be probably like 20 to 25 miles," Keele said. "Just absolutely too far for one person to drive there, dispose of the car and walk back in the middle of the night."
Keele said he has been thinking about this theory for some time, but this is the first time he has shared it.
"It's something we've thought all along that there had to be at least two people involved, at least," he said.
Early in the investigation, the TBI named Shelley Mook's estranged husband, Tyler Mook, as their main person of interest. He was never arrested.
Recently, police in Florida said Tyler Mook attacked his girlfriend. He allegedly threw her out of a boat and tried to drown her.
"I'm hoping this new incident will reinvigorate the case and that it will cause someone to come forward that previously has not," Keele said.
In the past, Tyler Mook's family members, including his brother, have all defended him. That all changed recently.
His brother told police in Florida he was there when Tyler Mook attacked his girlfriend. He even filled out a police report.
Tyler Mook now faces attempted murder charges after allegedly attempting to drown his girlfriend.
"I just don't think any woman would be safe around him for any length of time," Keele said.
Shelley Mook's case remains unsolved.
"It's been almost four years," Keele said. "Shelley's mother deserves closure. Shelley's daughter deserves closure. They need to know what happened to their daughter, to their mother, and now would be the time for someone to come forward, even if it's anonymously, and pass that information along."
Shelley Mook's mother, Debra Sikora, released the following statement after Tyler Mook was charged.
"I want the hurt to stop for those that have and are still affected by the acts of one person. Strength be to those who will stand and have their voices heard. It is by those voices that justice will come. By those voices, healing can begin, closure can be sought and faith in others can be restored."

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  6. i always knew her to be a compulsive liar when i (unfortunately) knew her. Also, i posted the above. To all our loved ones, please forgive me for not posting this when i should have. also look at tyler mook's (i believe grandparent's?) trailer on eureka road in edinboro, pa. here's to bringin my first bf and all involved peace, regardless of where that may lead.

    1. i last saw shelley the Wednesday before Thanksgiving in 2010... she told me that her and brittney were not speaking but wouldn't go into details because we were with a mutual guy friend, we were out drinking in edinboro, pa and she didn't want to go into many details infront of him...also like i said we were drinking and although i cannot remember exact details besides those stated above, i needed to get this out there and I'm not sure how else to go about doing so. i thought the last time i posted, my email would l
      be posted along with the timestamp but i don't believe that was the case. I've also tried calling the TN 800 number and it just rings... please let me know what else i can do to help.
      callie anne english
      erie, pa

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