Thursday, February 28, 2013

2 years, no signs of Mook

Two years after the unsolved disappearance of Shelley Mook, the concern over the case is evident in the voice of Sheriff Randall Boyce.
"It's the most frustrating thing you can imagine," Boyce said Wednesday. "It's just eating at me."
The Mook case, as well as those involving two children missing after a Rover-area house fire last September and the fate of Shelbyville resident Bobby Smelcer, weigh heavily on Boyce's mind.
"The one thing that's eating at me, that we can't find Shelley Mook, Bobby Smelcer, Chloie Leverette and Gage Daniel," Boyce said Wednesday.
Mook was last seen two years ago today -- Feb. 28, 2011. The Harris Middle School reading teacher had left her daughter with ex-husband, Tyler Mook at his Nashville Dirt Road home and was en route to Murfreesboro to meet a maintenance man at her new apartment. She never arrived. Her car was found burned south of Murfreesboro later that night.
"We're pretty sure that we know what happened and who did it. We're 99 percent sure. We just can't find the body," Boyce said.
"We've searched every cave and sinkhole in Bedford County and most of them in surrounding counties. I think she's buried somewhere or there's even the possibility that she's been burned. We've had leads her body may be somewhere in Kentucky."
Investigation continues, Boyce said.
"We're still running down a few leads. The TBI is investigating the case but we're working on it, too."
Others missing
Smelcer was last seen in November 2011 in Shelbyville. His skull was found in Duck River west of Shelbyville last spring. City police are the primary local agency investigating the case but Bedford County is helping out, the sheriff said.
Leverette and Daniel were living with their grandparents, Leon McClaran Sr. and Mollie McClaren, in a Kingdom Road home which burned last September. No remains of the children have been discovered; the McClarans' bodies were recovered.
Officers also continue to seek Antonio Taylor, who has not been seen since 1999.
"We just want to put an end to all those cases," Boyce said. "If anyone else has information on either of those cases please give us a call."
The Bedford County Sheriff's Department can be reached at 684-3232.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Shelley Mook Still Missing - Father Can't See Daughter

The former husband of Shelly Mook, the Bedford County teacher who has been missing since February of 2011, has again failed to gain custody of his daughter through the courts.
In 2011, the car that belonged to Shelly Mook was found abandoned and burned just south of Murfreesboro on the Rutherford / Bedford County line. Directly after Mook’s disappearance, Tyler Mook gained custody of his daughter. A week later, the mother of Shelly Mook, Debra Sikora, gained custody of the child.
Prior to the mysterious disappearance of Mook, she and her husband divorced in 2009. During their brief marriage, Tyler allegedly submitted Shelly to domestic violence, according to court documents. After the divorce, Shelly received primary custody rights of their daughter. Approximately two years later, Shelly Mook and her daughter moved to Murfreesboro. Shortly after that move, she disappeared.
Ever since the disappearance of Shelly Mook, Tyler Mook and his parents have been fighting the mother of Shelly (Debra Sikora) and the courts to regain custody of his daughter. Despite his attempted efforts, he has not gained full custody of the child and documents suggest that he has had a past drug problem that might endanger the child. During an evidentiary hearing that occurred in July of 2011, “numerous witnesses testified to Father’s history of illegal drug use, drug trafficking, violent behavior, and verbal and physical abuse towards Mother.”
On Monday (2/25/13), The Supreme Court of Tennessee denied Tyler Mook and his parents from appealing the custody case in order to seek parenting rights of the child.  The little girl is currently living with her maternal grandmother in Pennsylvania.
As far as the disappearance of Shelly Mook goes, there are no new leads in the case. The TN Bureau of Investigation is still investigating. Although her body has not been found, law enforcement beleive that Mook is likely dead.