Thursday, September 6, 2012

TBI Leads Search For Missing Teacher

NASHVILLE, Tenn.- Officials from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation led a search missing school teacher Shelly Mook, who has been missing for more than 18 months and presumed dead by police.
On Thursday, TBI officials received some new information about an area near the CSX train yard in Franklin County. They were hoping they'd find some sign of the missing teacher. Fifty people from several law enforcement agencies joined the effort in Cowan, Tennessee.
Mook has been missing since February 28, 2011. She was last seen by her ex-husband when she dropped off their 4-year-old girl at his home in Shelbyville. About 12 hours later on March 1st police found her burning car near Murfreesboro.
A TBI spokeswoman said the agents in charge of the case felt the rail yard in Cowan could be a spot where someone could have dumped her body.
"The agent has developed some information through the course of his investigation and determined this was an area that we feel targets family members who were familiar with and knew their way around," said Kristin Helm, spokesperson for the TBI.
The TBI said their main suspect all along has been Mook's ex-husband. They said he has been uncooperative throughout the investigation. Police said he was the last person who saw her. He reported her missing, but not until the day after the car was found. Although he is the main focus, but the TBI is not ruling out the possibility that someone else was involved.

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