Sunday, September 9, 2012

Search for Shelley Mook Unfruitful

The Thursday search for Shelley Mook was unfruitful, leading to the official search being called off, once again. This missing Tennessee teacher may never be found at this rate, and with her ex-husband being uncooperative with the search, detectives are only facing an uphill fight.
The search was ended Friday for Shelley by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. After searching a large area around Cowan, there was little else they could do. This case, sadly, appears to be going cold as ice. It's been well over a year, and her ex-husband is still refusing to take a polygraph test and won't cooperate with the search for her. It's been speculated that he may have harmed her, considering her carwas discovered not long after she was reported missing, and it was burned to a crisp.
Hopefully this isn't the end of Shelley Mook's case, but when it comes to missing women in Tennessee, these things can last for years and years.

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