Thursday, May 26, 2016

Tyler Mook sentenced to 12 years for attempted murder

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - The sole person of interest in the murder and disappearance of a Bedford County teacher is headed to jail for a violent crime against another woman.
The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation found Shelley Mook’s burned out car shortly after she vanished five years ago. They have never found her body and never made an arrest.
Investigators named her estranged husband, Tyler Mook, as their top person of interest.
“We’ve gotten very little cooperation from him and from his family,” said Kevin Keele, a private investigator.
Tyler Mook has now been sentenced to 12 years in jail for a different crime.
Police in Florida said he threw his girlfriend, Robin Dunneth, off a boat and held her underwater. Tyler’s brother, Andrew Mook, was able to pull him off.
In March, Tyler Mook was convicted of attempted first-degree murder.
Shelley Mook’s family and friends said they can’t shake the feeling that someone was there when she was murdered. They hope that someone will come forward now that Tyler Mook is going to jail.
“We just hope that someday somebody that was involved that knows something will have the guts to come forward,” said Brittany Brooks, Shelley Mook’s friend.
Friends and family said they are relieved police in Florida got a conviction against Tyler Mook.
“Because he’s not going to be able to do this to someone else,” Brooks said.
They want investigators in Tennessee to do the same.
“He definitely needs to pay for what he did to her. He needs to serve his time for what he did to her,” Brooks said. “No family should ever have to go through this.”
Channel 4 reached out to the TBI for the latest in Shelley Mook’s case, but a spokesperson said they could not comment.
Tyler Mook’s Nashville attorney did not want to make a statement either.
Shelley Mook’s mother was in Florida on Thursday to testify during Tyler Mook’s sentencing hearing. She was reportedly happy about the 12-year sentence because Tyler and Shelley Mook’s daughter will be 18 years old by the time he gets out.
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  1. Has her husband's cell phone records ever been ordered? Have the police ever subpoenaed his phone records, whether home or cell?

    Also are the police able to also obtain the family member's phone records? After seeing this program on tv his conviction of the attempted murder and his behavior I find it hard to believe this cannot be done. I hope there is justice for Shelley and I know in my heart her daughter already knows her "mommy never left her, but disappeared with her father's involvement" per the information that was given. My prayers to Shelleys family.

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  6. What about the maintenance man that was at Shelley's house waiting for her? Has this case been a one track case from the beginning? Everyone in contact with shelley has to be looked at as much as Tyler if not more. Also as fast as everything happened and her "body" hasn't been found, sometimes when your looking for something so hard its usually right under your nose, right in your face. Look in the yard. Under the house, under the porch. Land field. She could of been dumped in the dumpster in town. If that be the case, well then she will probably never be found. Also pray because in ALL cases, whats in the dark comes to light.

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