Thursday, February 26, 2015

911 recording could provide new details on missing Shelbyville woman

A never-before-heard recording in the case of a man suspected in his wife's disappearance could shed new light on the case.


Shelley Mook disappeared in 2011 and is presumed dead. Her husband, Tyler Mook, is the person of interest.
Shelley Mook had been missing for about a year when the 911 call center in Franklin County got an accidental call. They called back.
The person who called was Tyler Mook. After the accidental phone call, he dialed again, apparently talking to his father.
During the conversation, 911 kept rolling as he talked about wanting to leave the state and possibly being arrested.
"But like I told Mom, they think... they know I want to stay in the United States. They can find me," Tyler Mook said. "I can live out in (inaudible). If they want to come arrest me with a warrant, all they got to do is come arrest me."
Next, Tyler Mook said Shelley Mook's burned out car was found the morning after she disappeared. It's unclear what car Tyler Mook was talking about in the 911 recordings.
Tyler Mook also talked about what an arson charge could mean in his custody case for his daughter.
"Something keeps bothering me about that car. Something keeps bothering me about that," Tyler Mook said. "It's just come to the fact that (my daughter) is going to be coming back to me and they're going to try to bust me with that. And right when they're in the (inaudible), come arrest me and say, 'Hey, we can't give (your daughter) back. No, we've got to take you in custody right now for arson.'"
Only one person really knows what Tyler Mook is talking about, and that is Tyler Mook.
Tyler Mook's attorney, David Raybin, said this call was made as he was fighting for his daughter.
"At the time of that conversation, we were in the middle of a heated custody fight where the plaintiff's lawyers were throwing everything at him they possibly could. We absolutely deny that he had anything to do with the disappearance of his wife or that car," Raybin said.
Twenty-two minutes and 18 seconds into the conversation, Tyler Mook realized what has happened and immediately hung up. He then called back immediately with a question.
"This is Tyler Mook. Did you get a call from this number a couple of minutes ago?" he asked.
"Yes, we had an open line from it," the dispatcher replied.
"What happens on that open line? Does it get recorded and stuff like that?" Tyler Mook asked.
Tyler Mook is currently in jail in Florida for allegedly trying to murder his new girlfriend. He does not face any charges in the Shelley Mook case.
Channel 4 asked the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation if the 911 calls are part of the Shelley Mook case. The TBI declined to comment.

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