Saturday, November 22, 2014

Tyler Mook Arrested in Florida

According to WSMV in Nashville Tennessee, Tyler Mook is accused of assaulting his girlfriend and allegedly trying to drown her. 

The arrest was made on October, 4 2014 in Palm City, Florida, which is north of West Palm Beach.

According to an affidavit they were on a boat with Mook's brother and another woman when the incident occurred.

Tyler Mook and his girlfriend got into an argument, when he threw her off the boat, followed her into the water, and held her under.

It was then that Mook's brother jumped into the water to free the woman.

The brother and other woman gave statements to the police corroborating the story.

Tyler Mook remains in jail in Florida. 

Tyler Mook was the main person of interest from the Shelly Mook disappearance back in February of 2011.

Shelly Mook remains missing, the Edinboro native's case is still unsolved.

Police tracked down her burned-out car, but never found her body.

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