Friday, November 21, 2014

Person of Interest In Edinboro Woman's 2011 Disappearance Wants Custody of Their Child

New developments, in the case of a young mother from Edinboro, missing now for three years. 
The man suspected in her disappearance wants custody of their child. 

Shelley Jones-Mook, who was 24-years old at the time, disappeared in Tennessee, back in February of 2011. 

She was last seen with her ex-husband.

Police tracked down her burned-out car, but never found her body.

Her ex-husband, Tyler Mook, is the main person of interest in her disappearance.

But, nobody has been charged in her presumed murder.

We've learned that her ex-husband is still fighting for custody of their 10-year old daughter, who now lives in Edinboro with her grandmother.

Tyler Mook lost a custody fight in Tennessee, so after appealing, now a judge here in Pennsylvania will determine if he gets custody. 

Shelly's mother released a statement to WICU & WSEE, it reads, 
"I am very confident that any judge will have the knowledge and facts to make the best decision for my granddaughter. She has flourished here in Pennsylvania and my hopes will be that she continues to. She has been surrounded with love and family, which has allowed her to grow and find happiness after the tragedy of her mother missing. We continue to seek justice for Shelley and will hold those responsible for her disappearance to the highest extent of the law when they are found out. I pray that Shelley's beautiful daughter, my amazing granddaughter, will soon have peace with a final resting place for her mother."

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