Saturday, October 29, 2016

Bedford County missing person case to be featured Saturday on 48 Hours

The 2011 Bedford County, Tenn., missing person's case involving a 24-year-old Shelbyville mother and middle school teacher will be featured tonight on CBS's "48 Hours." Network officials say their investigation probes the "strained relationships and allegations of cheating" in a case that has left family members with no answers and an ex-husband, Tyler Mook, who has been considered a person of interest since early on in the investigation.

Shelley Mook was 24 when she vanished on Feb. 28, 2011, after dropping off their child at Tyler Mook's home. She was last seen alive around 3 or 4 p.m. CST that day, the Times Free Press reported. Today's episode, "Bad Boy," will focus on the Mook couple's relationship and Tyler Mook's troubles in Florida, where he was charged with attempted murder after attacking his then-girlfriend on a boat trip, CBS officials said in a release.

Also, an accidental "butt dial" in 2012 from Tyler Mook's cellphone to 911 operators might indicate a connection, CBS officials said. "Oh, they seen Shelley's car going down the road that night," he's heard saying on the call.

In September 2012, the Times Free Press reported on a ground search in nearby Cowan, Tenn., where authorities canvassed a CSX rail yard "with no luck finding Shelley," a Tennessee Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman said at the time. The young mother had been missing 17 months.

Shelley Mook was living in Murfreesboro the day of her disappearance and she was supposed to meet a maintenance person at her apartment at 4:30 p.m. CST, but she never showed up, the TBI said. Early the next morning, authorities found Shelley Mook's late-model Pontiac Grand Prix abandoned and burning near a field along U.S. Highway 41A in Murfreesboro, authorities said. Evidence of an accelerant was recovered from the vehicle.

Tyler Mook, "gave an initial statement to local law enforcement right after Shelley disappeared and his home [was] searched," TBI officials said in 2012. "He has not been cooperative since that time." The "48 Hours" episode airs at 10 p.m. EDT.


  1. Has a search been conducted off route 41 into Decherd? Just a theory, but seems to me the car was set ablaze as a flare to direct attention in an opposite direction from the location he chose to dispose of remains. Seems reasonable he'd choose a familiar location (Dechard, where he lived in 2004, or just outside of) for hiding the remains, and an opposite direction to lure the focus of the investigation.

  2. Why on earth would someone date a man who's wife disappeared and he has never spoken to police or assisted in the search for her?

  3. This is heartbreaking. I hope she is found and laid to rest properly. Her poor family :(

  4. Has anyone thought of searching mines where his father worked for years in Anderson Tennessee. There is a hole in one mine that people have been known to throw dead animals in.