Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Missing teacher's family seeks order of protection in PA

There are new accusations in the case of a missing Middle Tennessee teacher.
Shelley Mook disappeared in February 2011 after she dropped off her daughter at her ex-husband Tyler Mook's house.
Her burned out car later turned up, but Shelley Mook's body has never been found.
The Channel 4 I-Team has obtained new court filings that expose disturbing allegations about Tyler Mook's family.
Tyler Mook has long been a person of interest in this case.
After Shelley Mook disappeared, he lost custody of his daughter, who is now being raised in Pennsylvania by Shelley Mook's mother.
Court records from Pennsylvania raise questions about the actions of not only Tyler Mook, but his extended family.
In the wake of the search for Shelley Mook comes the battle for her daughter Lilly.
On one side is Lilly's grandmother, Debra Sikora, who won custody of her and is raising her in Pennsylvania.
On the other side is Lilly's father, Tyler Mook, and his family.
Accusations are surfacing between the two sides, including threats of arson.
It's all contained in a Pennsylvania petition for protection from abuse, basically an order of protection, obtained by the Channel 4 I-Team.
Sikora already had an order of protection from Tyler Mook and his mother in Tennessee, accusing Tyler Mook of abuse and drug dealing.
Now Sikora wants one in Pennsylvania because last month, Sikora writes, Tyler Mook's brother and brother-in-law suddenly showed up at her house in Pennsylvania calling for Lilly.
Sikora also wrote that Tyler Mook and his mother Kim earlier "put a box of matches in Lilly's bag and told her to set fire to Debra's home."
The petition stated Lilly disclosed this to her counselor.
Tyler Mook's lawyer denies the matches incident ever occurred and said his family only wanted to see Lilly last month for a social visit.
It all comes as investigators continue to search for Shelley Mook and say they're getting no help from Tyler Mook.
The petition shows when Tyler Mook's brother and brother-in-law showed up in Pennsylvania last month, they called for Lilly but left without incident.
Tyler Mook's attorney said they had family in Pennsylvania and wanted to see Lilly while they were there. There's a hearing set on this petition for later this month.


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